Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LeToya Preps Third Album, Down For Destiny's Child Reunion ?

LeToya LuckettLeToya Luckett is ready for new beginnings, not only as the new face of Luster's, but behind the mic.

According to LeToya, work has begun on the follow up to 2009s "Lady Love".

Speaking of the album at a press conference for Luster's 'Smooth Touch,' Luckett said the next album, her third, will be a bit different.

"I am taking a new direction with my music so there are a lot of new things are coming up for LeToya... be on the look out!!"

Beyond her own music, LeToya also took
time out to address rumors of a Destiny's Child reunion, admitting that she'd be down if the girls ever wanted to re-group.

"Destiny Child’s was a big part of my life and I was thankful to have that experience. And if that ever happened then I would love to be apart of it. It sometimes bugs me because I was reading on something recently -- A friend of mine said something like, “Why people hate on the fact that y’all back friends?” I’m like, “People love drama, people love drama”, and they don’t understand how God works when he wants a relationship healed, when he wants people back together then let that be so. You know, nothing should get in the way of that," Letoya
said, according to theYBF. "The girls and I are good friends now, we hang out, hit the pool and anybody that got something bad to say about that, I’ma pray for you. When you have any situation where there’s heartbreak and love lost--- On my end there was never any love lost. But when things get kind of get crazy and conflicted or whatever and things come back together, that’sbeautiful. People should applaud that and not be like 'I still want them to still be mad.' Like, why you mad son, what’s going on ?"

It is unclear when LeToya's next album will be available to listeners or whether she will remain with Capitol Records.

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