Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who Will Rise To the Occasion?? Kanye, Rhianna, Taylor or Nicki

One of the most competitive seasons in the music business is coming up in the latter part of the year with the 4th Quarter album releases. It is a time thats usually set aside by labels for established artists who they expect to induce heavy sales with the upcoming holiday season.

With heavy hitters such as Kanye West who is set to drop his highly anticipated album on Nov. 23rd, is expected to sell about 400,000 out of the 750,000 units being shipped out.

Rhianna will be releasing LOUD on Nov. 16th and expected to see about 200,000 in first-week sales of the 500,000 being shipped out.
Artists such as Rhianna and Black-Eyed Peas [who drops they're album in December] are expecting the same first week sales as Rhianna and who along with her, are considered to be large digital artists meaning that they sell more more of their hit singles rather than their actual albums online through sites such as Itunes, therefore they have less units being shipped out.

My favorite Barbie, Nicki Minaj's highly anticipated PINK FRIDAY will be dropping on Nov. 23rd alongside competition from Mr. West, will be shipping out 300,ooo units and expecting 125,000 in first-week sales. The buzz is all around this album, Nicki dropped 'Right Through Me' about a week ago, the track is slated to be on the upcoming album. Unfortunately, Roman Zolansky doesn't make an appearance on this track but is still killing it with her 'Bottoms Up' verse with a new remix featuring Busta Rhymes thats HOT FIRE MON!

>>>DOWNLOAD: Nicki Minaj - Right Through Me

The biggest sellers though are expected to be Taylor Swift who is shipping out a massive 1.7 million copies of Speak is expecting first-week sales of 750,000 and Susan Boyle who sold over 3.8 million copies of her debut album last year and sold 500,000 copies a week for 5 WEEKS STRAIGHT. Expectations of the release are considerably high recognizing her previous success although her upcoming release is a Christmas album which don't usually become huge sellers.

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