Friday, July 23, 2010

Alicia Keys’ Former Management: Rip Off Reports Untrue, “We Never Had A Contract” Read more: Alicia Keys’ Former Management: Rip Off Reports Untrue,

Alicia Keys album release party - Jeff Robinson

Earlier today the New York Post published an article stating the reason Alicia Keys split with her long-time manager Jeff Robinson was because he ripped her off. According to their sources, Jeff had been charging Alicia 25% commission and upward of 33% during the beginning stages of her career. The norm for a manager is between 15-20%. Their source also goes on to say “Swizz Beatz definitely played a huge part in killing him off. She got smart — and got a smart boyfriend — after years of people around her telling her she was crazy to let this continue to happen”

We placed a call over to Alicia Keys MBK Entertainment and was told:

That story is 100% false. Jeff Robinson was like a father figure to Alicia Keys. They never had a contract. It was a huge deal because Jeff loves her like she was his own kid! This whole article reeks of damage control and its obvious. How can you rip someone off when you don’t have a contract and they can walk away whenever they want?”

They also went on to point out that Jeff Robinson has been her manager for almost 15 years and if she was getting ripped off, she would have walked away from the relationship a long time ago.

As previously reported, sources claim that Swizz Beatz played a role in Alicia firing her entire glam squad and he has also been taking an active role as her manager. When we reached out to Swizz Beatz he claimed those rumors are “not true”. “I don’t have time to fire anybody. I’m super busy working on a million things.” He also added “People must accept change and move on.”

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