Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rihanna & Jasmine have more in common than just CB

What does Jasmine and Rihanna have in common? Besides they both have been with Chris brown? Take a look! Chris Brown's new boo Jasmine Sanders has quite the similarity in tattoo taste as his former girlfriend Rihanna. The tattoo shown in the pic, Jasmine had gotten after she and Chris Brown started dating. Perhaps, it is a new trend in ink or Jasmine is turning into a Rihanna clone. Maybe, I am looking too deep into it. Either way it's sexy tat!

1 comment:

  1. I think your looking too far into it...Over analyzing just like a gossip columnist typically would. What makes you think any up and coming beautiful model trying to put HER name out there would want make such a permanent decision (like getting a tattoo) JUST to replicate someone else...Nevermind the ex of a guy she was talking to at the time...So if she had gotten the all too familiar "tramp stamp" who would she be trying to replicate? In any type of body art and fashion there are going to be trends and trend-setters; no one can pass any form of such judgement that any one person is trying to replicate another...And if I were Jasmine I for one would be offended at this allegation alone. Just my two fahkin cents...