Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christina Milian Says She Was Divorced & Cheated On While Pregnant

This February, Christina Milian gave birth to her daughter, Violet. She was recently spotted in a park working off the weight she gained during the pregnancy. I should say worked it off - past tense. Clearly, there isn’t an ounce that isn’t in the right places. Makes you wonder what The-Dream was thinking when he divorced her.

Oh yeah, it’s back to that story. Last week, Christina Milian filed papers in a Georgia court asking that a judge throw out their divorce papers.

In a reverse spin of The-Dream’s claim that their marriage quietly ended just six months after the ceremony, Christina Milian says their bondwasn’t irretrievably broken. Actually, the recent discovery of The-Dream’s relationship with another woman revealed that he was having an affair - that’s what deaded the marriage.

I hear that and think, cha-ching, ‘someone wants a couple of checks.’ Could be. You know what? Within reason, I don’t blame her. In the papers filed with the court, Christina Milian says that she waived any alimony rights. However, she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to make the decision, because it was nine days before she gave birth.

Think about that. The-Dream handing a pen and divorce papers to Christina, while she’s sitting there with a bulging belly, on the verge of popping out their kid. Even if their problems were sparked by Christina going Keke Wyatt on him, you would think he could wait until - at minimum - her water had broken. That’s a dirt bag move.

And again I ask, what was The-Dream thinking when he divorced her?

Maybe, during the course of a day, Christina Milian is a complete pain the ass - extra annoying. I think it’s simpler than that: The-Dream is going Stevie, you know, blind.

Evidence has revealed there is nothing that couldn’t have been worked out between them.

I give you..

Christina Milian jogging in a park.

Exhibit A

Christina Milian jogging in a park.


Christina Milian jogging in a park.

and.. see!


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