Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trina feat. Git Fresh & Flo Rida - White Girl (VIDEO)

Trina wants to get Loose and party like a “White Girl” according to her new video featuring Flo Rida and Git Fresh. Ok so this song has gotten some controversy lately in blogs and other media outlets. Party like a White Girl? C'mon now. If Katy Perry or Britney Spears or hell even the Pussycat dolls came out with a song called "Black Girls" people would be up in arms and causing a fuss. I Know the song does not say anything racist against 'white girls' but just the fact that it is labeled with the title 'White girls' I do like the song I think it is catchy and with Flo rida on the track, with his overly commercial sound, I think this is a gonna get heavy play in clubs. Perhaps the radio, but I can't imagine it going too long without someone saying something. The video is ok and I think Trina really is trying to get back on the map. What do you think about the song? Peep the video and leave a comment whether you are a 'White Girl' or not. White girls do be gettin it in though, :).The song is the third single off of Trina’s new album “Amazing”

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