Thursday, July 22, 2010

TI Feat Keri Hilson - Got Your Back (Video)

Turns out, Tip is going to run with this as the lead single from King Uncaged after all. I remember this being met with some resistance online when it first leaked dropped, but I’m a fan of the record personally. It’s typical T.I., which has found him ultra success in the past and the type of song only he could get away with as his first single. The video itself centers around the message of the song - an ode to any female who has stayed by her man’s side through whatever situation. In Tip’s case, that “situation” would be prison and that “female” is Tiny(who makes an appearance at the very end of the video). Keri rides shotgun looking as good as ever and Lance Gross and Jill Marie Jones serve as two of the video’s leading characters. As of this very moment, Tip’s new album is set to hit stores September 28. The same day asYoung Jeezy’s TM 103.

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